Monday, 28 June 2021 03:39

Hot Stuff!

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We've hit that glorious part of summer where we sweat from places we didn't know we could. Thank goodness for AC! If you don't have the cool stuff, here's a coupld of ways to cool down on these short-lived hot days.

1. Freeze your smoothies or grab a frozen drink. Try not to grab two many frozen margs since alcohol is dehydrating.

2. Wet your sheets down before you go to bed. It's what the Egyptians did! Damp sheets keep you cool. Add a fan pointed towards you and the damp sheet? That's an equation for a cool down. Sleep on a dry towel to protect your mattress.

3. Eat light. Salads are easier to digest and won't make you feel sluggish. Plus, the water content in veggies will help keep you hydrated. Maybe a burger and a salad? LOL

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