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We all know the best part of any adult beverage that has fruit in it is the fruit. The wonderful, booze-filled fruit. I wish I knew of this wonderful Food Network creation before this past holiday weekend. Of course, these would be delicious on any day that ends in "y". Have you heard about Strawberry Daiquiri Bites?



they’re actually so boozy we’re tipsy typimg this

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Here's the actual recipe:

1. In a liquid measuring cup, mix 1 ¼ cups white rum  and fresh-squeezed lime juice.
2. Clean 1 quart, or about 20 just-ripe strawberries. Poke several holes in each berry with a toothpick. 
3. In a small baking dish, loaf pan or pie pan, tightly tuck the strawberries stem-side up.
4. Pour the rum mixture over the berries, cover them with plastic wrap first, then a layer of foil on top.
5. Refrigerate for 6 to 12 hours.
6. Remove the berries from the refrigerator, uncover, then strain off the liquid. Use the extra rum mixture. Pour into a pitcher filled with ice, then stir in ½ cup simple syrup, 2 cups of water, fresh mint and lime.
7. In a shallow bowl, add 1 cup of sugar. Roll each rum-soaked berry around to coat fully in sugar, working as quickly as possible so the sugar doesn't turn into a syrup.

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