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About Last Night...

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Now you've gone and done it. Had one too many adult beverages. The next day is now kicking you in the head with regret. What to do? Eat these foods to help you out of your drunkdicament...

Bananas: They're packed with potassium, which is something your body loses a lot of after a night of heavy drinking. A lack of potassium can lead to nausea and fatigue. 

Pickles: Really? Salt can sometimes keep nausea at bay. Pickles are loaded with salty electrolytes that can help your body recover quicker. If desperate, drink the juice. 

Chicken: Protein is important! It breaks down into individual amino acids. These amino acids help detoxify your liver, which is cruicial in hangover recovery. Make sure that chicken is plain and not spicy. That could be bad...

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