Monday, 11 January 2021 03:44


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Did you stay up to watch the Browns win the Wild Card game? Right? A miracle already in 2021. Unless you plan on a sudden "I've-got-a-stomach-bug" call to your boss (which would be ill-advised, so to speak), you're gonna need to wake up and get to it.

Here are a couple of non-caffeinated ways to WAKE UP at work today:

Get outside for 15 minutes. That change of scenery in nature will break up your monotone, sterile environment (even if you're still working from home).

If you can't move that body enough, stimulate your brain: Crossword puzzle. Sudoko. 

Drink some really cold water. Put ice on your wrists. Suck an ice cube. 

Do a little dance break. If you're in the workplace, that'll make it even funnier!


It's gonna be a rough one today. But worth it. And maybe rough tomorrow, too. O-H....!

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