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First to 2021

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As I'm writing this, it's 3:40 am on Thursday, 12/31/20. We're *this* close to putting this year in the rearview. And in two short hours from this writing, the Pacific Islands of Tonga, Samoa and Christmas Island/Kiribati will step into 2021. 

While we like to eat, drink, and be really festive, the Tongans do NYE a little differently. In fact, they celebrate for the entire time between Christmas and New Year's day. Church, family, and food are the big 3 things. Many businesses are closed between Christmas and the day after New Year's Day so people can celebrate. Many communities will host singing competitions, forming bands that use everyday items as instruments. 

New Year’s Eve in Tonga is usually celebrated locally with church, family and food. With businesses closed, the whole week between the two public holidays is bustling with celebrations and activity within towns and villages. And... there are all kinds of foods. Families will gift meals to each other, and there's usually a community feast on New Year's Eve, complete with church bells ringing. 

I like. I think we should ring more bells. More cowbell, even...

Happy New Year, jenY Nation!

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