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Friday, 11 September 2020 03:33

Rise Up

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Geoffrey Owens. It's a name you may not be familiar with. He's an actor best known for his role on The Cosby Show back-in-the-day. While he's still been acting over the years, he hasn't been in the spotlight as much as he was previously. So in an effort to pay his bills and support his family, he took a job at Trader Joe's. Two years ago, someone recognized him, and then job-shamed him on social media. Completely not cool. But all that shade has blossomed into sweet blessings for Geoffrey.

He received acting offers left and right. Tyler Perry offered him a role in "The Haves and Have Nots". Nicki Minaj gave him $25,000-- which he then donated to the Actor's Fund. Geoffrey was interviewed after he was job-shamed and he said, basically, there's no shame in working-- no matter what you do. Boom!

Now, he has an IG show called "Shift Happens" (love the name!) where he interviews working people about what they do.

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I love it when something negative turns into a positive. Follow Geoffrey on IG and know that no matter what you do for a living-- you're a rock star. And, no matter what your circumstance, things can and do turn around!



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