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The Bird

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I feel fortunate to live in the NEO. I love the changing seasons-- even though at times it seems like there's nothing but rain in winter... and orange barrel season. I love the diversity of foods and things to do and see. And I love our creatures.

Where I live, in particular, has diverse wildlife-- including a variety of birds-- some new that I'm discovering every day. But the bird I can't get enough of during the summer is the heron. And last year, my hubs discovered that their rookery is close to our home. We live around water, and we assumed the herons made their trip to Bath, OH, where that rookery is known. Nope. Ours (because they live in our hood-- LOL) is exclusively for our herons. 

I did not know that Great Blue Herons are nocturnal. I just figured I'm the only creature up at this time. But the other day on the drive into work, I discovered they are nocturnal because I saw Harry (The Heron) sitting on a bridge railing looking into the water. 

I, of course, came up with a back story. Since there's no Taco Bell for Herons, he needed a snack. Or maybe he was having a rendezvous with a cute girl heron. 

Needless to say, I do a little happy dance when I see a heron on the way into work... Here's to Harry and his friends!



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