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I'm not a Monday hater. Every Monday I do always say to myself: "Where did the weekend go?" Because if I were running this world, we'd have an automatic three-day weekend. You need one day to get all your domestic stuff done, and two days to actually do whatever.

But anywho, I don't dread Monday. For me, Monday is the one work day of the week where I have the most energy! LOL It's because I slept like a human on Saturday and Sunday. For me, Monday is my most productive day. But I do feel the pain of those who hate Monday. It means back to the grind-- or in 2020-- back to "what fresh Hell awaits us this week?"

A few facts about Monday:

In the U.K., "Monday" is a slang term used to describe a large and heavy sledgehammer.

A study once revealed that the best way to get over the "Monday Blues" is by watching TV, eating chocolate, and online shopping. 

"Monday" is the only day that is an anagram for a single word, being-- dynamo.

And that's all I've got. Happy "Dynamo"!

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