Friday, 07 August 2020 03:39

So. Glad.

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Not only does it mean "the weekend is here!" But because I'm having the Monday-iest of Fridays. I managed to injure myself within only being awake for an hour this morning. An hour. I'm a klutz. My name should actually be Kathy Klutz, because I can injure myself in the most non-amazing ways. There are times I get bruises and scratches and have no idea what happened. I bang into a door frame at least once a day.

But this morning was epic. I got a large scratch on my arm thanks to a banana. A friggin' banana!!!! How, you ask? Besides the "Kathy Klutz" factor, this is how it transpired.

I put a banana in the top of my purse because I forgot to put it in my work bag which I had already put in the car. Welp, I went to put my purse on my shoulder, and as I put my arm through the straps... scrape!

A nearly two-inch scrape on the delicate skin by my elbow.

Only I could accomplish such a thing.

Sigh. TGIF. I think I'm gonna make it. Fingers crossed. LOL


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