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Winner winner, popcorn chicken dinner!

After shoving various brands of popcorn chicken/tenders/nuggets into my mouth, I've finally one brand that is hands-down the absolute best:

Good & Gather Popcorn Chicken

Found at that paradise known as Target.

Other brands have "real chicken" that tastes totally fake-o. Not this stuff. Completely delish! The breading is perfect and not heavy or greasy. And the chicken is quality. So far, we've made salads with popcorn chicken on top, and chicken wraps with these bites of yumminess. And another great selling point-- these aren't tiny pieces of clumped breading and a shred of chicken. Some pieces are so big, they're nugget-sized.

Go grab a bag or two (like I did the other day)... I would've gone for 3 bags, but... I wasn't in the mood for judge-y stares... LOL

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