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There is no 12 step program for office supply addiction. If there is, I ain't goin' to rehab ala Amy Winehouse style!

My love for office supplies is genetic. My mom is obsessed, so I got that from her. At times, my hubs is my supplier. Like these Sharpie highlighters. I love Sharpies. I love pens. I love highlighters. I love these Sharpie highlighters!!!!

I have an entire medium-sized plastic bin at home filled with pens, and markers, and Sharpies, and highlighters and notecards and... it may take the rest of my life to get through them all. 

I love this time of year: Back to School supply shopping. I have no kids, but I shop the back to school section at Target! I don't care what little Billy has on his list for school this year. He best not snag the last 4 color ink pen or he's gonna get hip checked by me. 

Office supply addiction takes no prisoners. 



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