Tuesday, 28 July 2020 03:41

Pet Peeve

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What kind of parking job is this!?!?

I loathe bad parking. How hard is it to park your vehicle inside the lines? Welp... the above pictured bad parker is ME. I raise my hand in shame. Because I park bad All. The. Time. I never used to be that person-- when I had a convertible. Back when life was good... but I digress. Ever since I upgraded (?) to a more "responsible" vehicle, I haven't been able to park. Sure, I sit up high and I can see stuff and winter driving is way better, but... 

I'm a crooked, bad parker. There. It's out there. So, if you see said vehicle parked all sketch-like at the local Target... it's me. Be kind.


No, really. Be kind. I've already yelled at myself 5 or 10 times...

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