Friday, 24 July 2020 03:33

My Secret

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Saving money is an exciting thing to me. Getting something for free is even more exciting!

I've mastered the art of getting free shoes for my family, thanks to using a store credit card to my advantage. Back in the day when I had a really strong relationship with shoes (I've since invested some of my love into kitchen gadgets as we've already established), I signed up for the DSW Visa card. Not so I could buy shoes, but because of the rewards. I use that credit card for gas and groceries, and for takeout. I get store $$$ after earning a certain amount of points. Yes, these points expire-- but there is no limit as to how many rewards I can redeem at one time.


I love the look on the faces of the fine folks at DSW when they see how many rewards points I've stock piled and how I then get a new pair of shoes for free. I'm kind of a legend. I need to get some juice where I can. HA!

So there's my secret to free shoes for the family. 

P.S. I always pay off the balance of said credit card, so win-win!



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