Wednesday, 22 July 2020 03:35

O, Yes!

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Way before this pandemic thing jacked our lives up forever and disrupted our routines (like that loooong season between hair appointments), I found a friend in BANGO. See, I have this love-hate relationship with bangs. I want bangs. Then I want to grow them out into that side-swept pseudo glam look. Then halfway to faux glam, I get frustrated and have to trim my bangs back.

I used to just "eyeball" it. HA! But cutting in a straight-ish line has never been my strong suit. So, I acquainted myself with Mizz BANGO. It's so easy to use and effective that my hair stylist says I do my bangs better than she does!

One side of the BANGO is for the straight bangs look. The other is for that fringy look. Gather your bangs, put them in the BANGO clip, and snip to desired length. 

Pandemic schmandemic. You got this!

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