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In some counties in Ohio wearing a mask is mandatory while doing indoor things, or doing outdoor things if you can't social distance. With that said, it was an interesting grocery trip the other day when a woman caused a mini-scene about masks involving just herself.


The immediate area inside the doorway was filled with about four or five people. The nearby checkout lanes were hopping as well. Everyone was wearing a mask-- except for one woman. She was just standing there (by the must-go-today doughnuts), looking around at everybody. Then she shouted:

"I left my mask in the car!!!"

Take a shallow breath. It's okay. She looked at me. Why? I don't know. Perhaps she thought I was giving her side eye? Or she thought I would channel some inner-Karen vibes and call her out? Though, I was tempted to say: "Then go back and get it." But I refrained. Maybe she's a Karen and wanted to beat another Karen to the punch-- I. Don't. Know. 

Or... is this some new thing to do upon entering the grocery store? Randomly shouting out something... I could say:

"I need Tucks... and bananas!"

That'll get people talking... 

Hopefully your next trip to the store is just as exciting as mine. LOL


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