Tuesday, 30 June 2020 03:41

Bright Spot

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I'm all for conserving... and stuff. But there is one thing that annoys me about the suite we work in-- the motion sensor lights. I understand the value and concept. I loathe having to get up and walk to where the sensor is to then trigger the lights to come back on after they decide to sleep. 

It's fine during the day. When there's sunlight. And there are other people here with their office doors open (but thanks to COVID, no co-workers)-- offices that have windows to allow natural light to come in. But it's completely aggravating when it's pre-morning show. Pre-daylight. And you're sitting in your cube trying to get ready for the show when the lights go out. And it's really, really dark. LOL

So, after months of "GRRRR-ing", I bought the pictured desk lamp. Cute. Feng shui-ish. And this lamp casts a nice, soft light. So if I'm in the middle of writing something down or editing audio, or having a snack-- I'm not in the dark, cursing. I prefer full lighting for that. HA!

Let that light shine!


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