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Wednesday, 24 June 2020 03:38


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Things are getting back to normal-ish, because scammy spammy phone calls are baaaack! Ugh. Just... ugh. I'm averaging four per day now. 

I have to give props, though, to this latest incarnation of scam calling-- using a human! Yes, a real person to try and lure you into answering. I've been getting robo calls from a certain insurance agency. They've left robo voice messages. Then one day, I get a voicemail from a real human from said insurance agency with this message: "I'm calling for John and obviously this isn't John's number (insert nervous laugh). I'm calling from (annoying insurance company) with a quote for John. So, could you call me back and let me know for sure this isn't his number so you won't get a thousand calls a day by mistake."

Uhhmmmm.... no. I won't be calling you back. Nice try. You want to get me on the phone so you can try to sell me something I don't need. HA! Plus, I have this cool feature on my phone that sends scammy calls straight to VM. So basically, bite me. 

Don't fall for this latest scam attempt, jenY Nation!


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