Tuesday, 23 June 2020 03:43

Now This

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Hey, 2020-- smell ya later!

Are you over this year? *raises hand*

Add this to the list of "WTH is With 2020"-- Sandstorm. Big. Sandstorm. A rather large plume of sand from the Sahara is headed for the Gulf Coast this week. A 5,000 mile trip. Sigh.

There will be hazy skies, a drier atmosphere, and those with breathing issues (asthma and allergies) will feel discomfort. But, hey-- there's a positive. States from Florida to Texas will see beautiful sunsets with amplified colors of red and orange. So Insta-worthy!

Just keep that sandy mess away from the CLE. We'll just live through everyone else's pictures of the "awesome sandstorm of 2020!".


P.S. Maybe The Proclaimers can update their song to fit the Saharan Sandstorm...


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