Ben McKee

Ben is a connoisseur of everything that rocks... Mostly drinks on them..   He grew up in Western Pennsylvania; after his High School Cheerleading Career didn't pan out.  His love affair with radio blossomed in college at the University of Pittsburgh...  
Ben moved to Northeast Ohio in 2013 via Corpus Christi, TX where he did mornings for 10 years.  He joined Rubber City Radio Group in 2016.  
Ben loves spending time with his family and friends while "trying" to keep up with his 8 year-old son and two dogs.  You can usually catch him at a Cleveland sporting event, concerts or comedy show.  
Hear Ben McKee Afternoons from 3-7pm on JenY107.3.
Monday, 22 June 2020 13:28

Sell the Sizzle

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Ja Rule is slanging gyros now, instead of bars. His commercial game is tight, as he talks about a Greek Restaurant in Los Angeles. I think this is all to promote the TBS show.. Celebrity Show Off tomorrow night at 10PM ET. But keep these hits coming!  Please...
Friday, 19 June 2020 17:17

Dad Would Be Yelling...

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Dad's would be yelling "Turn the water off!" The Las Vegas Raiders New Stadium ran their flush test.  With 60,000 plus fans in a new stadium you probably want to check the facilities. In the $2 Billion Allegiant Stadium, the flush test was all 1,430 toilets/urinals and all the sinks running at once in the 297 bathrooms.  Everything checked out and the construction is supposed to wrap up at the end of July.  Now if they can play football this year...
Thursday, 18 June 2020 17:29

Father's Day Fish

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With Sunday being Father's Day.  Skip the gifts and go enjoy the outdoors with Free Fishing Days in Ohio!  If you are a resident of Ohio, no license is required to fish on Saturday (6/20) and Sunday (6/21).  Dig out your rod and reel in some memories with the old man. Find more info here.  
Wednesday, 17 June 2020 19:15


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I think we all need a change of scenery.  Camping, Glamping or something to escape the Covid World we are living in at the moment.  Demi Levato recently escaped to Joshua Tree for a romantic get-a-way at a place called the "Invisible House".  I can't even go to The Waffle House....  So this might be too lavish.   The Invisible House looks like a Cargo Bin of windows.   I also saw this place in the Alps that is just a bed in the outdoors with white glove butler service.  The Cleveland in me, just thinks mosquitoes and midgets....  Can you…
Tuesday, 16 June 2020 23:18

You Have Jokes

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When does a bad joke become a dad joke?     When it becomes apparent.     Two pickles fell out of a jar onto the floor. What did one say to the other?     Dill with it.   Now let's hear yours...
Monday, 15 June 2020 17:16

Let Me Put On My Mowing Shoes

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With Father's Day this Sunday how many dad's have a pair of shoes/boots for yard work?   These ancient relics could probably walk by themselves.  They are relegated to the garage or tucked under the stairs. They are usually green, smelly and are falling apart.  Mine had no laces, they fit my feet perfectly from 10+ years of just yard usage and I recently had to throw them away.  Think how many miles you have put on that pair of boots/shoes.  How many steps counted?   That would be the true o-dad-ometer.  Really any celebration, (Graduation Parties, Wedding Receptions, Gender…
Friday, 12 June 2020 14:15

Future of Concerts!

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I wish I could unsee this...  Nothing against The Flaming Lips, it just makes me sad. This quite possibly could be the blueprint for live music entertainment, as we know it.  Moshing and Crowd Surfing could get interesting this way.  Again thank you for ruining all of our fun Covid 19.
Thursday, 11 June 2020 23:33

Easiest Way to Quarantine

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As the world begins to open.  Gamers  may be living their best lives..  The best way to quarantine is to stay home.  It won't be a problem in the near future as parents will have to pry controllers out of their kid's hands.  Sony released the preview for the PLAYSTATION 5.  In a virtual unveiling today.. Sony PS5 is slated for release by the holidays.
Wednesday, 10 June 2020 15:21

Are they Sprinkles or Jimmies?

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Are they Sprinkles or Jimmies?   Honestly, I never order them.   I would say Sprinkles.  But I have heard Jimmies.  Is there a difference?  What do you think?   Then we can tackle the soda/pop/coke thing... I'm kidding!!!  Everyone knows it is _____.
Tuesday, 09 June 2020 13:24

Todd!! Makes Me Laugh

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Todd!!!  Is a wild man, a cat, or a Karen?  Maybe he should be an outdoor Todd.
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