Monday, 26 April 2021 22:18

The Award Goes To...

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The Award does NOT go to...  Award Shows!!!

Is it the pandemic?  Is the product too watered down?  Do people care?  

Award Shows are hard to watch.  

The Oscars were Sunday Night and they hit a record low in this ratings with under 10 million people watching.  

Is there a way to make these award shows watchable?  Like The Oscars, I didn't see most of the movies.  The Academy said they were going to let the winners talk longer.  Maybe instead make parodies of the nominees, bloopers/outtakes or even just roasting the winners for 5 straight minutes instead of a speech.  People like train wrecks let's have some of that happen.

Anyway, at this point the Academy needs to go back to the drawing board.

I do find it hard to feel bad for anyone who loses... the nominees swag bags were worth a reported $205K.


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