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Mark! Why Don't You Join THE BAND!

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If you know what Rex Manning Day is then you are familiar with a little 90's movie called "Empire Records". 

It is a cult classic.  After watching the movie I wanted to work at a record store so bad. 

I think I am drawn to crazy characters like Kathy, Kris, Cherise and Pottsy.  Haha kidding my co-workers aren't crazy.. just characters!

The movie starred Liv Tyler, Rene Zellweger and others... Toby McGuire and Gwar were even in it?? 

Oh and Rex Manning played by Maxwell Caulfield... 

The story of a record store that was being bought out by a big conglomerate...  was basically the story of 'damn the man, save the Empire.'  

Read about the Cobain-esque comparisons by Clicking Here. 

The Trailer is here... and Rex Manning Day is April 8th.  

 Then after the record store thing didn't happen for me.  I watched 'Airheads' and wanted to be on the radio.  Kidding but the movie is great.

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