Tuesday, 23 February 2021 18:58

Gender For-Reals?

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This was the cake my wife and I cut into that had blue or pink cake inside... Pretty tame right. BUT I AM ALIVE!!!

These Gender Reveal Party Tricks are getting out of control.  I know it's all for social media and who can out do who.

Seriously, this week a 28 year old in Liberty, New York blew himself up and died with a powder bomb that detonated early.  Earlier this month a guy in Michigan made a cannon FOR A GENDER REVEAL???  It exploded and killed him.  You are trying to celebrate life coming into this world, not your life being taken out of it. 

People are going to judge your parenting from this party on...  Your parenting skills will definitely plunge, if you cannot even make it to the birth of said child you are trying to announce the gender of... just saying.

Maybe have an actor/actress tell you on Cameo.  Have the dad-to-be dye his hair.  Realize you and your family are the only ones who care if your child-to-be is a boy or a girl.  Social media only cares if it is a fail.  If you do go ahead and have an extreme gender reveal party.  Be careful.  Birth announcements are way better than Obits. 

Here are some fails that are on the tame side.  

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