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Helping with Hops!

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If you are like most.  Your alcohol intake is up and your community output is lacking.  Mainly, because it's a pandemic.

I love music!  Especially live music.  My final show before 2020 hit was "The Yawpers" at The Beachland.  

Since the world has closed down and started to reopen.  Music Venues like Beachland Ballroom, Grog Shop

Mahall's and Happy Dog have been struggling due to guidelines.  How can you help?

1. Well a donation can always be made. 

2. These venues are running events when able which you can support and purchase whatever they are offering. 

3. Some have even went to offer virtual shows. 

Click the venues above to see what is available and what is going on. 

Another way to help is Baenum Hop Farm in Richfield is working with Sibling Revelry Brewery in Westlake to produce 4-packs of specialty beer to support these venues.  What a great idea?  They will be selling the 4-packs at grocery stores to start, then the venues which there will be an event later this month...  Keep checking back for details.  Some more info is availabe by Clicking HERE.

These great venues and folks that run them have been throwing us a party for years!!!  Let's help them out when they need us the most and life isn't party at the moment!

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