Thursday, 31 December 2020 16:42

Live Like It's Not 2020

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As you look to 2021 for a new normal... realize that resolutions are just wishes and prayers.

It takes determination and a real "will" to change.  Sure this past year was horrible, to say the least.

We lost family, friends, members of our community in Northeast Ohio and beyond.  These dark times may have enlightened us to things we have been doing wrong or need to address.

1. Remember, to take one day at a time.

2. Set attainable goals.  

And if this past year has taken us anywhere (but our homes)...  it is out of our comfort zone. 

3. Try new things.

Start a hobby, workout, basically set that resolution and live.   

Have a Happy New Year's!  Be Safe and Here's to a more normal 2021!  Cheers!! 

I hope your 2021 hits like this...

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