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Friday's Alright for Fightin'

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Elton John said "Saturday Nights Alright For Fighting."  You know what they say about Texas.  "Everything is Bigger".  Even the sore losers...

Parents these are teachable moments.  Sportsmanship is very important this day in age.  It always has been!  This Rio Grande Valley Player from Edinburg High was a top defensive player for his team and in High School Football Period!  

Emmanuel Duron was penalized for a late hit on the QB and ejected from the game in the 2nd Quarter of the playoffs.  Then you will see what happens.

There is no call for this.  Edinburg ended up winning but will not continue in their playoff run because of this incident.  The stupidity of one hurt all...  The incident is being investigated and there will be charges and punishments enforced.  The problem is that this whole incident could have been avoided.  The police did not need to be called, for an escort.  The young man/boy should have been walked off the field, coach and parents should have torn into him like no other and then this ridiculous ending could have been avoided.  If the young man/boy could have had the foresight to see that his future was ahead of him rather than in that one moment, colleges and other outlets would have been reaching out for his services.  

The incident happened in the Rio Grande Valley.  It is just 2 hours from Corpus Christi where I was a morning show host for 10 years...  I still remember this gem from that time period.  Kids watched as their parents had a melee.  

Just remember it is a game.  Have fun first, sportmanship second and win third.  Parents, if you do not teach your kids how to win AND lose with respect, you are doing yourself and child a disservice.  No one wins all the time and with all the wins there is always a loser!

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