Wednesday, 16 September 2020 15:13

I love my pets but...

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With it getting cooler in North East Ohio and Fall Officially right-around-the-corner.

Sweater weather is coming sooner than later...  It's also our jenY 107.3 Annual Pet Expo Online.

There is a breed of people that make clothing and accessories from their dogs (pets) hair.  I am not one of those people.

I have so many questions: do you pull it from the brush, pick it out of the vaccuum or have the sticky sheet lint rollers?

The garments look fine and I get they could be a keepsake to remember your best four legged fur-baby...

In my head, I just wouldn't want get caught in the rain and sit in it all day... 

Let alone the shaking off every 2 minutes, rubbing up against the couch and getting the zoomies at work are never good.

Click here to see the sweaters and more. 

(Now I know what to get Kathy Vogel for Christmas! Haha!)

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