Thursday, 03 September 2020 16:30

Are You HomeFOOLING Me?

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My child's homeschooling starts on Tuesday.  Today, his school ran somewhat of a soft opening.  
Kids all logged in to make sure they didn't shut down the whole system, with too many users.

Things were great when the teacher asked "what was the best part of your summer?"  Reasonably easy question.

Kids rattle off "playing with friends, reading, vacations, swimming".... Normal kids stuff.  

My kid's turn: "playing flag football....  and also did something I shouldn't have done, I watched inappropriate shows."

My wife and I both slowly raise our heads and look at eachother in the distance like: W-T-...

Sure he meant his scary videos on Youtube Kids...  The other 3rd graders and especially the Teacher didn't take it that way.

So I am nervous for Tuesday, the first day of homeschooling, and every second after that, wish me luck.  Good luck to you all.

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