Wednesday, 24 June 2020 17:08

Take Me Out To The....

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Take me out to the ball... wait can we or can't we go?   

Major League Baseball will give the 2020 Season a go.  Trust me there was a lot of bickering.  It seems that a 60 game season is in store for the Indians.  They will play their Division 10 games apiece and then the NL Central for the rest.   

Players will report to training camp #2 on July 1st.  Season starts July 23rd or 24th.  60 games in 66 days.  No expanded playoffs this year. And players will get around 37% of their total pay, if all the games are played...(Remember we are still in a Covid-State-Of-Mind) 

The distancing is going to be the craziest part.  I can imagine: 

No spitting or seeds.. No High 5's or Fist Bumps... No licking fingers pitchers or spitting on gloves batters...No Sharing Cups of either kind:)

And I don't know why the last thing made me think of: 

What is the stance on touching eachother's ball?  Do you have to Hand-Sanitize after every touch from pitcher, catcher, fielder? 

I'm so confused.  I thought money was going to be the sketchiest part.   Go Tribe!

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